During the thesis
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In order to defend your thesis in 3 years, you must meet the following requirements

  • Getting trained: at least 5 courses are necessary (20 days of "formations") .

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  • Attending every year "The graduate student meeting".
  • Attending an "International meeting in Geosciences"
  • Getting field experience.
  • Learning about safety at work.
  • if you plan to stay in France for you post-doc, you have to present your work in a French Lab at least once. If you plan to go back to your contry after your doctorate, please take any opportunity to present your work with a seminar in a university of your contry.

Both quality and quantity of scientific work achieved during the thesis will be assessed every year by a thesis comity. Advisor-Ph'D student relationship have to be discuss during the comity.
The final manuscript must include several articles that have been either published or submitted, or are ready to be submitted. Anyway there must the enough new science to prepare 3 international scientific articles.

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Meeting the Ecole Doctorale Director

Every year you will have a meeting with the Director. This will be a one-to-one meeting or with the entire student group. These meetings are mandatory.