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As soon as you start your PhD, it is necessary to build your personal training project for you professional integration.
It may be modified and changed during the PhD as soon as your professional project evolves. It should be discussed
every year with your PhD committee and with Doctoral School at each registration meeting. At each of these
steps, it will be possible to assess the relevance and timing of your training during the three years of your PhD.


The objective of the personal training project is to help future doctors in their professional lives.
Trainings can therefore be directly related to employability, advanced scientific methods or more generally
to all formations that complement the sum of knowledge acquired during the PhD. New entrants should avoid
hyperspecialization and keep in touch with the different fields of activity to which they can evolve.

Every year, the personnal training project will be evaluate by the Doctoral School to help PhD students to complete
their formation.

We develop the idea that the personal training project should form a continum from very advanced scientific teaching
to applied professional training. The mix between these different trainings is specific to each doctoral student
according to the opportunities provided by the


The unit to evaluate the personnal training project is the "Point".
PhD students are asked to accumulate at least 20 points during the PhD with at least 10 points of scientific training validated (or 15 points after the first of September, 2018 as the starting date of the PhD)
from the formation offered by the Doctoral School or the different associated Masters.

The point system allows validation of a wide range of formations. However, prior agreement of the Doctoral School is essential.

The courses of the ED are routinely credited with a number of points ranging from 1 to 7.

Some conversion rules for other courses:

  • For training days CFDip/CFD 1 day = 1 point
  • For MASTER courses 1 ECTS = 1 point
  • The workshops and summer schools are validated for 50% of the time and validate more than 6 points (They can not count anymore after the first of September 2018 as a starting date of the PhD).
    In total during the thesis, a maximum of 10 points can be validated by the workshops and summer schools.

Doctoral students can validate more than 12 points per year.

Following one day of course about ethics is mandatory (1 point of formation). One day is proposed by the doctoral school every year (see the "formations généralistes" web page and in particular here) but only the slides are in english. For a full english version, it is possible to follow one of the lectures (MOOC) here.

More details are available below:

Learning French

French is not your mother tongue and you do not want to spend 3 years in Paris without learning a bit of french, the following courses are for you. Please follow the link.