Descriptif ED1516-SU5 CKM matrix, CP violation and the fermion sector of the standard model

- les cours se dérouleront du 27 au 30 juin 2017 - courses will be delivered from the 27th to the 30th of June 2017
- 4 matinées au laboratoire LPNHE de 9h a 13h, salle 12-22.218 - 4 morning at the LPNHE laboratory from 9a.m. to 1p.m., room 12-22.218.

CKM matrix, CP violation and the fermion sector of the standard model

Eli BEN-HAIM (Enseignant-chercheur, Université Pierre et Marie Curie)

Résumé - Abstract:

These lectures give a topical review of heavy flavor physics, in particular CP violation and rare decays. They will start with basics of the domain, a historical introduction, and the path towards our current understanding, including a brief description of the relevant experimental facilities. The lectures will describe the current status of the field, emphasize key results from previous experiments, discuss the motivation to study heavy flavor physics in the LHC era, review some selected topics in which new results are expected in the near future, and finally give a brief look at future projects. The course is intended for diverse audience, ranging from those who only have a basic knowledge of particle physics and wish to learn more about the domain to those doing research in flavor physics.

  • Part 1: Historical and general introduction to the flavor physics

Strangeness, Cabibbo angle, prediction and discovery of the charm quark, the third generation, symmetries in particle physics, zoologie of processes and Feynman diagrams

  • Part 2: The standard model in the fermion sector, the CKM matrix and CP violation

The flavor sector of the standard model and it’s free parameters, week isospin and hypercharge, the origins of the CKM matrix, CP violation in the standard model, the unitarity triangle, introduction to oscillations of neutral mesons.

  • Part 3: B physics at different facilities

The B hadrons, spectroscopy, B decays, B physics at the Z pole: LEP, B physics at B factories, hadronic machines: Tevatron and the LHC, the future B factories

  • Part 4: Key measurements in flavor physics in the past, present and future, determination of the CKM parameters and the unitarity triangle, rare decays…

Introduction to measurements different key quantities: angles and sides of the unitarity triangle, CKM matrix elements, neutral meson oscillation parameters, non perturbative QCD decay parameters, B lifetime. Radiative and rare B decays, Dalitz-plot (amplitude) analysis, fits of the unitarity triangle, and other topics.

  • Part 5: future of B physics

What is left to do and motivations for doing it, evaluation of different scenarios, physics in the next few years in LHCb and in the future super flavor factory BELLE2.

- le cours est donné en français ou en anglais à la demande des participants - the courses can be delivered in French or English on demand.

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